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A holistic, integrative and functional approach to healing

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High West Medical

We’re a medical practice focusing on wellness, hormones, weight loss, gut health, mitochondrial health and biohacking. We also provide primary care and management of chronic disease and autoimmune disease.


How High West Medical is ready to help you
At High West Medical, we tailor our wellness services to rejuvenate your health, offering comprehensive solutions for mitochondrial support, cellular support, and energy support. We tackle vitamin deficiency and mineral deficiency head-on, providing effective treatments for chronic fatigue and low energy, giving you optimal health and vitality.
You deserve to feel your best in your body. High West Medical excels in balancing your body’s natural rhythms through expert hormone health services like bio-identical hormone therapy. These treatments focus on thyroid and adrenal health, menopause, and andropause. Our tailored therapy ensures hormones work to bring balance to your hormone levels, helping your body operate at its peak at every stage of life.
At High West Medical, we’re here to help uncover and treat the root causes of chronic disease. We designed our approach to combat autoimmune disease, alleviate chronic fatigue, and clear brain fog, enabling our patients to reclaim their health and vitality through personalized, integrative care strategies.
It’s easy to feel stuck when trying to reach a healthy weight. At High West Medical, our medical weight loss services go beyond traditional methods, addressing low energy, vitamin deficiency, and mineral deficiency to ensure a holistic path to weight loss. Our personalized treatments empower you with the energy and balance needed to achieve and sustain a healthy weight
High West Medical’s peptide services are designed to revolutionize your health, providing unparalleled energy support, cellular support, and mitochondria support. Our cutting-edge peptides work to boost your body’s function at the cellular level, enhancing energy and promoting optimal mitochondrial function for a truly revitalized you.
At High West Medical, we prioritize your gut health, employing biohacking strategies to address gut issues effectively. Our comprehensive approach targets bloating, constipation, chronic issues, and overall gut health, ensuring your digestive system operates at its best. Embrace a life free from discomfort with our advanced gut health solutions.


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