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Dr Kirsten Nelson - High West Medical

Dr. Kirsten Nelson

Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner

I am pleased to offer overall wellness and primary care, hormone evaluation and therapy, weight loss counseling and treatment, vitamin and mineral analysis, thyroid and adrenal support, medical detox, mitochondrial function testing, gut health testing, food sensitivity testing, mold testing and more. My patients continue to rave about my attention-to-detail, the amount of time I dedicate to patients and my comprehensive approach to practice.
I received my bachelors of nursing from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and my doctorate from Gonzaga University. I have worked in healthcare for 12 years with experience in mental health, emergency medicine and rehabilitation. My big passion is in holistic and integrative medicine which I have been practicing since becoming a nurse practitioner in 2019. I have additional training in nutrition, women’s health and holistic non-pharmacological treatments for many conditions. I have a passion for helping others understand their bodies and feel empowered in navigating their health. I love to help patients manage western medicine modalities while broaching into eastern and holistic therapies.
I am happily married and we have an adorable baby boy and soon to have a second. I love cooking and reading. We enjoy spending time together in the mountains and traveling.

Why I started High West Medical

The name High West Medical was developed from where I live, the base of the high Uinta mountains. Living in an area with wildlife and open land enables us to embrace the beauty of the outdoors. I have always found nature to be healing for my physical and emotional health. I encourage my patients to embrace the connection of how our environment can bring us into a state of wellness. 

After years of working in primary care and conventional medicine, I kept trying to dig deeper into why so many of my patients still didn’t feel “right” despite our typical testing and treatment approaches. Our traditional medicine model can often include prescribing many medications to manage symptoms. My goal for working with patients has always been to find the underlying causes of illness and get them to a place of thriving, not surviving. 

I strongly connect to my purpose in trying to heal my body. We need to view the body as one whole system and how all the pieces work together, not just address each system separately. High West Medical uses all avenues of medicine to help patients meet their ultimate wellness.